Amanda Stokes is the owner of Otis, and for a short period of time, the caretaker of The Prophet (Althea Tower). Amanda was hiding in the closet of the third floor in Greenhaven when Nickie found her, holding Otis. Nickie let her stay, until Brenda Beeson hired her to be the caretaker of The Prophet. Amanda left Otis with Nickie.

When The Prophet said "no dogs", Brenda Beeson thought it meant that to be closer to God, they had to get rid of all dogs. Amanda stole Otis from Nickie, and gave it to Mrs. Beeson who, with the rest of the dogs, left in the woods to die. Amanda was later put on "The List" (people who have sinned) because she was disobient, according to Mrs. Beeson. She later left Yonwood to her cousin LouAnn because of this.

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