Assignment day is a tradition held by the City of Ember, it is where students graduate school and get an assignment, or job.

Procedure Edit

On the last day of the last grade of school, children at the City of Ember school will be given an assignment, which is chosen from a lottery. The current mayor holds a bag full of slips of paper, each with a different assignment. One student at a time will stand up and select an assignment. The assignment chosen will be the student's new place of work for three years, although trading assignments with another is possible.

Known Assignments Edit

The assignments given are sorted into three categories designed by the book's characters: Good jobs, Normal Jobs, and Bad Jobs.

"Good Jobs" Edit

  • Messenger
  • Electrician's Helper
  • Greenhouse Helper
  • Timekeeper's Assistant
  • Doctor's Assistant
  • Store Keeper

"Normal Jobs" Edit

  • Supply Depot Clerk
  • Building Repair Assistant
  • Shopkeeper/ Merchant

"Bad Jobs" Edit

  • Pipeworks Laborer
  • Trash Sifter
  • Mold Scraper

Known Participants Edit

  • Lina Mayfleet
  • Doon Harrow
  • Lizzie Bisco
  • Chet Noam
  • Orly Gordon
  • Every other citizen of Ember

Trivia Edit

  • New assignments may be mixed in as the city needs more services, for example the assignment "trash sifter" was added because of the city's circumstances.
  • Some Assignment days have many good jobs, and others may have bad jobs. The year 241 could be considered a good year, even though a few bad jobs were mixed in