Looper's full name is Looper Windly. Looper runs a shop in Ember. He was liked by Lizzie, but he stole things that belonged to others in Ember. After a while, Lizzie wonders why she ever liked him. He was tall and Lizzie described him as handsome. Lina describes Looper as funny looking. Looper is a few years older than Lizzie.


Looper liked eating. He was a very sketchy person and had high levels of greed

Early LifeEdit

It is assumed that he went to school and at the age of twelve picked an unknown job from the bag. Looper's career was assumed to be running a shop that sold art supplies. He is able to get into the storerooms, but it is unknown whether he has a job there, or Mayor Cole gives him special permission. A teenage boy, described as being an "odd looking person" with a long neck and large teeth. He steals items from the storerooms, some of which he sells in his shop on Night Street, and some of which he secretly delivers to Mayor Cole. He is Lizzie's boyfriend and never gets out of Ember. But in the fourth book when Lizzie goes to get the remaining things from Ember, she finds out that Looper was taking many things and not just a little. She says she didn't know why she should have ever liked him.

When Looper capsized following the exodus of Ember, it was assumed he was dead. Lizzie, his ex-girlfriend wore a scarf mourning him, but eventually discarded it.

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