Tick Hassler is a handsome teenage boy who first appears in the People of Sparks. He has black hair and light blue eyes. He seems to be a natural born leader, organizing projects and speaking for the people of Ember. Whenever something goes on, Tick takes charge. Quickly, Tick gained followers, and was quite popular among the Emberites as their leader. Lizzie quickly began crushing on him, and even stopped mourning for Looper to focus on Tick. Doon lookes up to Tick, admiring his strength and motivation. However, Tick is hungry for war and power, and goes to extremes for both. It later turns out that most of the supposed attacks from Sparks on Ember were really Tick trying to rile up the citizens to take control of Sparks. Along with a gang of followers, he disappears from Sparks at the end of the book to go someplace else. When Tick lived in Ember he was a cart pusher or puller and at first Lina and Doon couldn't remember his name.

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