Torren Crane is a mischievous, adventurous boy who wanted to go on adventures with his brother, Caspar Crane. He described to be bratty, always expecting something, and very private, for he does not let Lina touch his objects he gets from Caspar from pre-apoliptic times.

He was first seen in The People of Sparks when he was working in the field. He climbs up onto a windmill, though he was not allowed, and saw the people from The City of Ember make their way to the town. Torren hopes he wouldn't have to share his room.

However, against his will, Lina and her family come to stay at his home, because Poppy was sick. It was revealed that the doctor was Torren's Aunt and not his mother. Later, a group of people called Roamers came to the settlement and started trading off objects, for him to reveal that Caspar was a roamer.

When Lina sneaks off with Casper, Torren is furious. So, in order to get the Emberites in trouble, Torren smashed a tomato in a window, blaming it on Doon. Eventually other things started to happen, causing the Emberites to think it was the people of Sparks (when it really was Tick Hassler), and they were furious, and they declared war on Sparks.

Torren planned to watch the battle out from up in a tree. But it was foiled when it turned out "the weapon" was a cannon and it set fire to his tree. Doon, on top of a building, manages to save him. Later, Ben Barlow visited Torren, revealing Ben to be Torren's uncle.

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