The Troggs are a group of roamers who have discovered Ember and renamed it Darkhold. The family members include the following

  • Washton Trogg (aka Trogg)
  • Kanza (Named after Kansas, USA)
  • Yorrick (Named after New York, USA)
  • Scawgo (Named after Chicago, USA)
  • Minny (Named after Mineappolis or Minnisota, USA)
  • Maggs

Trogg is very cruel to Scawgo and Doon when he takes them in. He uses Scawgo and Doon as slaves and they dislike it. The Troggs lived in "Darkhold" after discovering it. It seems that all the Troggs except for Maggs and Minny are cruel and rude. Scawgo is not technically a family member, but the Troggs took him in after his parents were killed by bandits.

Washton Trogg discovered the vault the Builders of Ember have built for the people of Ember. He found a book and a blue diamond, and took both. He and most of his other family members were illiterate, so he ended up using the book as fire kindling.

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